custom records one-off lathe-cut vinyl business card


 GENERAL SPECIFICS for AUDIO - (for best possible vinyl sound)

Since outer half of 12" LP record offers best sound please arrange tracks so your most important brightest loudest songs go first for each side. Do your best to arrange tracks so each side comes out fairly equal in time. Use at least one second silence at start and end of each song. Be sure to tag your indexed tracks with letter/number in front of each song (A1, A2, B1, etc.) so we know proper order to each side. In an email please give us those listings (song/artist) along with time per track in proper format so we can copy and paste to help create optional custom round record labels and back side sleeve if need be. PLEASE WARN US OF ANY SURPRISES or abnormal content such as longer than normal pause or loud sudden transients.

GENERAL SPECIFICS for ARTWORK - (round center labels, sleeve jacket cover and card insert)

SLEEVE ARTWORK - send us SQUARE image for front and back side (jpeg, tiff, pdf, PSE layered - 400 dpi or so). No bleed is required as we'll add that ourselves. If your image is not square (equal on all sides) we'll either crop or add colored borders or do both to create a square. Optional card sleeve insert image should also be square.

LABEL ARTWORK - send us 3.8" round image for side A and B (jpeg, tiff, pdf, PSE layered - 400 dpi or so). No bleed or die lines are required but keep in mind there will be a small 1/4" center hole. Keep text away from edges at least 1/8" as about 1/16" will be cropped away on perimeter. If doing large hole label for 7" jukebox record figure 1.5" actual center hole with inward bleed to 1.3" hole.


1. View our website thoroughly and then email us your general intentions along with contact information including ship name, address and phone number. 

2.  Upload your folder (audio and graphic files) to most any free file transfer site (dropbox or google drive) and email us the "open invite" download link. Music format can be MP3, M4A, or WAV with graphics as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, or PSE layered. If you have issues uploading files you may send us MP3 songs via email attachment (about 3-5 per email) or simply send us your commercial CD or CD-R (or thumb drive) via postal mail.

3. Once we receive all information and know exactly what your order will entail, we'll then email you a simple invoice of which payment can be made via PayPal or Zelle or other means. 

COST WILL DEPEND on total time of music and options you choose, not how many tracks you have. 

TURN AROUND TIME is normally 2-3 days with 2-3 delivery time via USA priority mail. Int'l delivery normally takes 1-2 weeks using standard air mail. Express mail or FedEx is also offered at additional costs. 

SHIPPING/HANDLING will be determined  per order though generally speaking 12" record will be $12 and 7" will be $10 using USA priority mail. Int'l shipping cost starts at $29 using standard first class air mail. Express mail or FedEx is also offered at additional costs.


Mr Kim Gutzke

7134 15th Ave S

Mpls MN 55423


612-869-4963 (home)

612-751-8924 (cell)

11am to 11pm (central time)